Musetti History of an Italian Passion

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The Origins 

Luigi Musetti established a coffee shop 'La Casa del Caffe' in the heart of Piacenza in 1934. With car and patience, Mr Musetti prepared his first coffee blends and sold them to the public.

World War II and reconstruction 

Times were hard when Italy was under aerial bombardment. After the war Mr Luigi Musetti began to expand his business. 

1960 The First Industrial headquarters: a new era

With the new Musetti headquaters in Viale Sant'Ambrogio, the Musetti family embarked on a new style of working.

2003: The Production Plant  

In 2003 Musetti  moved to Pontenure, a town in the outskirts of Piacenza. Here a modern plant was built with the innovative technological systems to guarantee higher quality coffee origins and enjoy accurate controls over the raw material. The first Italian school for Espresso was also inaurgurated under the responsibility of the famous bartender Mr Luigi Lupi. 

And Up to the Present days after more than eighty years in the business

Ms Lucia Musetti is in charge of the company with her son Guido. They have been keeping alive that passion of coffee which had always characterised Musetti family decisions. They have celebrated their roots and respected their traditions while seizing all useful elements offered by innovation.