Decaffinated Nespresso® Compatible Capsules 60 Pack

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A delicate aroma. 

Decaffeinated coffee blend: less then 0.1% caffeine. 100% traditional taste. Sweet characterized by a delicate aroma and persistent full aftertaste, dedicated to those who want to give up caffeine without losing the pleasure of coffee. 

Predominant hints of vanilla and dried fruits 

45% Robusta / 55% Arabica


Designation of the food - Roasted and ground coffee for espresso

Net quantity of food item - 336g

Minimum durability period - Best before date on pack

Special conditions of storage and / or use - Keep in a dry, clean and well-aired place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources

Food business operator - Musetti srl, via G. Marcoca 2/4, Pontenure 29010 PC.

Country or place of origin - Produced in Italy 

Further indications - Roasted and ground coffee, packed in single dose capsules in a protected environment 

Dimensions - 14.5x12.5x14.5 cm